About Us

Who Are We?

Our Story: 

Three years ago we adopted a beautiful girl named Lexi. Lexi arrived in Canada when she was approximately eight months old and within a week of her arrival we came across her photo and knew that she was our dog. Upon successfully adopting her we began preparing our home with all of the necessities that every dog should have. While checking different items off of that list we were having a rather difficult time finding high quality and trendy collars and leashes that suited her personality. It then occurred to me, having recently started sewing and quilting at the time, it may be an opportunity for me to learn and develop my own skills to begin creating something that is more dear to my heart. This is when I started to begin my journey making handmade collars and leashes.

After several months of experimenting and sourcing new creative fabrics I was beginning to realize that the products that I was creating were better than most items found in local pet stores. Since then, I have been widening the creativity of my brand while my incredible boyfriend has put together and laid out a perfect little studio for me in our guest room.

While our company is still in its young stages we continue to grow and have a vision of a very bright future ahead. Our vision at Lex and Joe Collar Co has never deviated from the start. Our goal is to provide all pet owners with beautiful handmade products of the highest quality. We will not stop until that goal is achieved!